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GeoStation Data Miner

The purpose of Data Miner is to extract, process and visualize your data. Whether this is in a chart, table or map, this visualization allows you to better discover and understand patterns in your data. Data Miner gives you the ability to ask better questions, get better answers and make better decisions.

  • Adapts to your data environment – whether you are accessing data from a single data source or a composite of several data sources at once

  • Data Miner enables you to identify the data you are interested in. You can filter the data and present the result in a variety of formats. If needed, you can export this data to other packages so you can further analyze the data.

  • Some data analysis is available from within Data Miner such as Forecasting and Regression Analysis with further analysis coming shortly

  • Since it may have taken some time and effort to define the query and configure the charts just the way you like, you can save and rerun the query later to reflect the new state of the data.

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