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GeoStation Mapper

The objective of GeoStation Mapper is to map your data. There are several tools built into Mapper to facilitate this. Whether you use Mapper to generate a quick map or develop a presentation-quality map, GeoStation Mapper will display your data your way.

  • Comes preconfigured to support the standard feature types: wells, leases, pipelines and seismic

  • Comes preconfigured with support for a suite of data sources

  • Can be easily configured to support additional feature types and data sources

  • Since you may have taken some time and effort to configure the map just the way you like it, we give you the ability to save the map definition and rerun later to reflect the new state of the data

  • Adapts to your data environment – whether it is from a data service or your own proprietary data source or a composite of several data sources

  • Whether you are looking for advanced filter, symbolization or annotation capabilities, GeoStation Mapper is up to the task

  • Equipped with data mining utilities to facilitate the generation of clean, effective maps

  • Originally introduced to the market over 30 years ago to service the oil and gas industry, we have seen many changes over the years and have evolved with the industry. Our ongoing refinements reflect our continued commitment to be capable, adaptable and usable

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