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GeoStation Mapper v6.0 is out!

The latest release of GeoStation Mapper is now available for implementation to our customers. It features many significant enhancements and refinements including:

  • 64-bit processing, enabling the generation of larger maps

  • Updated and refined user interface main panel

  • Map graphics viewport integrated into the main panel

  • Updated the layers tree to enhance user control

  • Added 'filter-by-file' - ability to use filter values as specified in a file

  • Introduced Composite Data Sources consisting of two or more data sources merged into one virtual data source

  • Introduced user-defined custom Composite Data Sources

  • Added arrows and clipart

  • The user graphics layer is now saved as a layer within the Map Definition

  • Support posting of 3D seismic outlines

  • Added Snap-to Grid (down to LSD and BCS unit) for drawing lines, polygons, and arrows

  • Introduced Custom Inspect of an attribute based on another attribute (eg. Top well operators based on oil production)

  • Introduced additional data sources including SQLite (Valnav), P2's QByte Financial Management, and MS SQL Server data store access.

#Mapper #DataMiner

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